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Strasbourg-based French-Norwegian couple (re)discovering our own city. Explore Strasbourg’s 5 must-see sights (the Big Five) or go off the beaten path (with our Off-piste sights). Also check out our food & drink tips (Strafari Food), Strasbourg favorites and photos.

The Big Five

Discover Strasbourg’s 5 must-see sights. Explore the Big Five

Off-piste sights

Want to go off the beaten track? Discover out our Off-piste sights

Strafari Food

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On a rainy day

Make the most of your stay, despite the rain

Recent posts

Il Felice, Strasbourg

Il Felice, the new Italian restaurant in rue des Tonneliers, is a joy to the senses. Sit down beneath a lush canopy of greenery to savor their generous Italian cuisine with a twist. The interior is classy and modern without ever being austere. The menu (consisting of antipasti, classic or gluten free pasta, secondi piatti, pizza […]

Secret place AEDAEN, Strasbourg

The entrance to this “secret” bar is in the pizzeria in rue des Aveugles. Go through the restaurant, past the kitchens, and pull on the little console table (shhh! you didn’t hear it from us). Choose from a selection of cocktails (with or without alcohol), spirits (a large array of whisky, gin, vodka, rum, cognac, armagnac, pisco, […]

Fôret de la Robertsau and Parc de Pourtalès

From the (free) parking lot by parc de Pourtalès, there are two paths, each leading to very different spaces and atmospheres. On one side, the beautiful scenery around Château de Pourtalès opens on a large sculpture park and the château gardens. On the other side of the parking lot, you’ll find the forêt de la […]

Les Sales Gosses, Strasbourg

Every six weeks, Les Sales Gosses offers a gastronomical getaway to explore a new French region or “terroir”. The menu is made up of six appetizers, six main courses (including one or two dishes that are typical for the chosen area), and six desserts. This time, we went on a culinary trip to Cap Ferret […]

Le Douanier, Strasbourg

Le Douanier defines itself as a “cocktail bar that takes you on a safari for your taste buds”. We were made to get along! The cocktail menu (with and without alcohol) lets you travel to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The bar also offers other drinks (like draft beer, gin, rum …) and snacks. […]


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